Landscape Design

Good Landscape Design is the art of combining many elements together to paint a living picture while creating an outdoor space you will want to use and enjoy.

Landscape designs will differ significantly depending on how you want to use the space. Although the principles are the same, a homeowner who wants a pleasing, low-maintenance landscape will require a very different design to that of a keen gardener whose main goal is to spend time in the garden.

The final design should fit your needs and include principles of sustainability into a continually evolving landscape. In Melbourne we are lucky to be able to use a wide variety of plants that meet different needs. These available plants can be used to create outdoor rooms with canopies of trees, walls of shrubs and carpets of ground-covers along with perennials and annuals if desired to provide colour and interest. Good landscape design gives you an opportunity to create habitats for people, plants, pets and wildlife. A sustainable landscape requires minimal inputs of labour, water, fertiliser, and pesticides to thrive. Creating a sustainable landscape means working toward a balance between the resources used to build the garden and results gained from the enjoyment and use of the garden for many years to come.